Annur Tutoring Center


Many Muslim families want to provide their children with education in an environment that upholds their morals and values. Ideally, the children would like to send their to a full-time, private Islamic school, such as Al-Arqam Islamic School. However, not all parents can afford the private school fees. The only other alternatives are public schools or home-schooling. The home-schooling has its own challenges, for example:


To address above potential problems, the Annur Tutoring Center (ATC) was established at Masjid Annur Islamic Center. The school is much more affordable than a full-time, private school.  

The ATC provides educational support for students enrolled in K12 online home schooling program (  However, only grades 5-12 are admitted to ATC. The ATC students have a supervising teacher with multiple subject credentials, The teacher monitors their progress and provides support in understanding any unclear concepts. Additionally, the Masjid Imam offers the Quranic and Islamic Studies classes to the students.

The ATC hours are 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.


1) The parents register their children in the K12 home-schooling program -- a free online public school in California, staffed with dedicated teachers. 

2) The parents then enroll their children at the ATC, so they can learn in a structured, Islamic environment, with support from multiple-subject credentialed teachers and the Masjid Imam.


The ATC provides a supervised, structured setup for your children, where they log into their K12 accounts and complete their daily assignments.

The ATC's multi-subject credentialed teacher provide extra support for students in concepts they are struggling with and help them use K12 resources effectively.

The ATC offers daily Quranic and Islamic studies classes. 


The ATC does not replace the parents’ role in home-schooling. Parents are expected to log their kids’ daily attendance and monitor their progress using the state of the art K12 online portal.

The ATC does not provide daily instructions for enrolled students since students receiving their daily instructions from their K12 dedicated teachers.


The ATC's tuition fee is just $150/child/month. 


The registration is open all-year long, except summer. Click here to register your child(ren) at the ATC. 


For any enquiries or questions, please send an email to: