About Us


Since 1982, Masjid Annur Islamic Center has served the Muslims of the greater Sacramento area as a center place for worship, educational events and social events.

Masjid Annur is housed in a 63,850 sq ft building on a 5-acre lot on 65th Street, Sacramento. The masjid building includes a large prayer hall, a multipurpose hall for holding events, such as conferences, lectures, etc. There is also a gym for indoor sports. The building also houses the full-time Al-Arqam Islamic School with more than 500 students.

Masjid Annur's activities include regular daily prayers, the Friday prayers (with 2000+ attendees), Eid prayers (with 10000+ attendees), Annur Tutoring Center (with 35 students), Annur Sunday School, needy-family program, food-drive, etc. The masjid also offers marriage contracts, funeral services, religious counseling services, etc.

Masjid Annur works closely with other organizations in Sacramento area, for example, Al-Misbaah for food donations, Greater Sacramento Muslim Cemetery for burial/funeral services, etc.

Masjid Annur is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and accordingly any donations to the masjid are tax-deductible.




Dr. Ahmed Khater was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in legal studies, and attained a second B.A. from Al-Azhar University in Islamic sciences and Arabic language. He received an M.A. from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley with a specialization in Islamic law and legal theory, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Theological Union specializing in Islamic law and legal theory. He has received ijazat (licenses) in various Islamic sciences, including ones to teach and narrate the Hanbali school of law. He is an assistant professor of Islamic studies at Guidance College and the dean of the Department of Islamic Studies there. He is a visiting scholar at the Graduate Theological Union where he previously was a lecturer of Islamic studies, an adjunct assistant professor of Islamic studies at Saint Mary’s College in California, an assistant professor of Islamic law and the dean of the English Faculty of Shariah at the Islamic University of Minnesota, a faculty member teaching Islamic law and a member of the academic committee at Mishkah University, and was a lecturer of Arabic language at the University of California, Berkeley. He previously worked with Al-Azhar University’s English Department of Islamic Studies to edit books and articles for the scholars of Al-Azhar. He works with the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America answering legal questions for their fatwa (legal edict) services, and as an Islamic law consultant, Resident Fatwa Committee secretary, and translator/editor. He teaches the traditional Islamic sciences at Zidni Institute, and is the resident scholar of Masjid Annur Islamic Center in California.



Dr Muhammad Najeeb received his BA in Islamic Law, his MA in Quranic Modes of Recitation and his PhD in the Recitation of Quran. All his degrees were awarded by the Islamic University of Medinah. He has had teaching experience at the Islamic University of Medinah as well as the Masjid Nabvi in Medinah. Currently, he conducts Quran memorization and recitation class at Masjid Annur. He also leads the prayers at the masjid.