Qiyam (Night Prayer) Rules

These rules are meant to provide a comfortable and spiritual environment for you and your fellow Muslims. Please help the Masjid apply the above rules for your safety and security. 

1 - Qiyam (night prayer) will start every night at 3:00 AM during the last 10 days of Ramadan. 

2 - No registration is required for Qiyam program unless attendee wishes to participate in Iatikaf program. Please see separate Iaktikaf rules. 

3 - Qiyam program is open for adult 18 years of age or older.

4 - Minors ages 16 to 17 can participate in Qiyam program ONLY if their same gender parent is present with them. Minors cannot be left alone at any part of the premises. Parent must be present with minor at all times or minor will be asked to leave the premises. Parent will take a full responsibility of all minors they bring to Qiyam. Minors are expected to be praying with their parents and not in a group of youth /minors. If a minor violates any of Qiyam or Masjid’s policies, both the parent and the minor will be asked to leave the premises. 

5 - Children under the age of 16 cannot stay in the Masjid after 11:30 PM or participate in Iatikaf or Qiyam program even with parents. Parents are requested to take their children home prior to the cutoff time of 11:30 PM. If children are found in cars or anywhere in the premises, security will be called and parents will be requested to remove children from premises. Please do not leave your children alone in the car.

6 - No nursing mothers will be allowed to participate

7 - Parents are requested not to bring children under the age of 16 to Qiyam. 

8 - The Multi-Purpose Room (MP) will be designated for people who are registered in Iatikaf program. All other attendees who wish to stay at the Masjid for Qiyam will be asked to stay in the Musallah where no sleeping is allowed. 

9 - No one will be allowed to be outside the Masjid or inside cars in parking lot after 11:00 PM. All doors to the masjid will be locked from 11:30 AM to 2:45 AM. 

10 - All people in (Qiyam) are expected to maintain a spiritual and quite environment for them and for others. There will be zero tolerant for noise pollution. 

11 - There will be no gathering allowed in the hallways. 

12 - Directions form administration, security and volunteers must be followed without argument or disrespect. Disrespect or abuse will not be tolerated.

13 - Absolutely no food or drink (except bottled water) will be allowed in the Musallah or in MP room. 

14 - Masjid must be kept clean and organized. 

15 - No electronic devices are allowed for minors under the age of 18. Cell phones can only be used as cellphones. Devices may be confiscated if rules are violated.

16 - Any violation of these terms will be handled by the security volunteers or any member of the masjid's administration. Violator of any of the above terms may be giving a warning or be asked to leave the Masjid.

17 - Qiyam will be open for all attendees ONLY the night of 27th of Ramadan and ONLY until Fajr.  

18 - Masjid cannot be held responsible or liable for any person presented at the masjid after midnight. Parents or guardians must take responsibility of their minors. Anyone stays at the Masjid after midnight will do so at his or her own risk. Masjid is not responsible for any loss of belongings.