Annur I'tikaf 2024 

Embark on a Spiritual Journey This Ramadan: Join Us for I'tikaf at Masjid Annur! Are you ready to deepen your connection with Allah during the blessed last ten nights of Ramadan? Click here to embrace this unique opportunity for devotion, prayer, and community. Register now to secure your spiritual retreat during the holiest time of the year.

Annur Qiyam (Night Prayer) 2024 

Rise in the Night for Spiritual Elevation: Welcome to Qiyam at Masjid Annur! Embrace the tranquility and inspiration of the late-night prayers during these sacred days of Ramadan. Discover a night filled with reflection, connection, and peace. Join our Qiyam gatherings and immerse yourself in the beauty of prayer under the tranquil night sky. Be part of these special nights that could change your life. Please take the time to read through the rule for Qiyam.