All current MA membership will expire with the new lunar year, so we urge everyone to become a member. It is through active membership that the strength of the community will be evident. A membership form is attached below for this purpose. The membership will give the member the privileges of voting and utilization of the library services.

Membership Criteria:

  1. The membership of the MAIC shall consist of members who wish to abide by the constitution and satisfy the membership requirements
  2. An applicant a or renewing member shall testify in the basic beliefs of Islamic faith specifically:
    • Belief in Allah (SWT);
    • Belief in Muhammad (PBUH) as the last of the prophets;
    • Belief in the Books of Allah (SWT);
    • Belief in the angels;
    • Belief in the Day of Judgment;
    • Belief in Kadaa and Qudr.
  3. A member should belong to the Ahl Assunna Wal Jama’as school of thought.
  4. A member must be at least 18 years old.
  5. A member must be a resident of the greater Sacramento area. This includes Sacramento, Placer, Yolo, Eldorado, San Joaquin counties.An applicant or a renewing member must pay the membership dues set by the Board of Trustees to become or to continue being a member.
  6. The term of membership is one Hijra year, from the first of Muharram to the end of Dhulhajj. Membership is renewable.
  7. Executive Committee will review and process new membership applications.
  8. The applicant has the right to appeal to the Board of Trustees if his application has been denied by the exective committee within 30 days of rejection.
  9. Withdrawal from membership may be voluntary or may be decreed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee for failure to continue to meet the qualifications.
  10. A person whose membership has been revoked for failure to meet the qualifications stated in points 2 and 3 can only be reinstated by testifying to his/her beliefs in front of the Executive Committee. A person whose membership has been terminated for failure to meet the qualifications stated in points 5 and 6 can be reinstated by applying for membership and paying the required dues.
  11. Masjid Annur board of Trustees reserves the right to revoke the membership of any person without disclosing the reasons.
  12. All Communications will be in writing.

Membership Applications will be handed out on the first of Muharram to the end of Dhulhajj at the Masjid Office.

Download a soft copy for print HERE!