Financial Info 

Masjid Annur Islamic Center (MAIC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All contributions to this MAIC are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.  For your Tax Deductible donations, please use the information below and mention the purpose of your donation (for example: zakah, pledge, building, youth

If you would like to make a one time or recurring payment online​​, please follow this link:

If you would like to make a one time payment with a check, please make your check payable to Masjid Annur:

​​Masjid Annur
​PO Box 245082
​​Sacramento, CA 95824-5082  USA

Wire Transfer:
If you would like to make a wire transfer, please contact MAIC by following this link:

Recurring Payments:
Recurring payments can be done online (see above) or​ by filling out an Automatic Fund Transfer (AFT). This form can be use to make monthly recurring payments throught automatic withdrawals from your bank or through a debit card. Follow the link below for to download the AFT form. After printing the form, fill it and mail it to MAIC at the address shown above.

AFT Form