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Tuition: $150/child/month
Times: Monday through Friday (8AM- 3 PM)
Grades: 5th—12th grades

Many Muslim families face the dilemma of providing their kids with an education in an environment that upholds their morals and values. Many can afford Islamic school tuition which is the optimal solution. However, those who cannot afford that financially find themselves between enrolling their kids in public schools or into a home school program. Though homeschooling is a feasible option, it does present some potential pitfalls:

  • Minimum proficiency is expected from parents to be able to tutor their kids
  • Lack of structure causing student to fall behind
  • Lack of social interaction with other peers causing boredom
  • Falling behind in Quran and Islamic knowledge

Annur Tutoring Center (ATC) provides support for students enrolled in K12 online home schooling program ( Students will have a supervising teacher with multiple subject credentials who supervises their progress and provide them with extra support in understanding unclear concepts. Masjid Imam will provide Quran and Islamic studies classes for these students a few times a week.

1) Parents register their students in the K12 online home schooling program (

K12 is a free online public school in California. Taught by dedicated teachers, K12 powers full-time, public, online schooling that allows parents and students to individualize their education, maximizing their ability to succeed.

2) Parents then enroll their students at Annur Tutoring Center for the structured Islamic environment, extra support provided by multiple-subject credentialed teachers, and Imam’s classes.

– Center will provide a supervised structured setup for your child to log into their K12 account and complete their daily assignments.
-Our multi-subject credentialed teacher will provide extra support for students in concepts they are struggling with and help them use K12 resources effectively.
-Daily Quran and Islamic studies classes

-ATC does not replace the parents’ role in home schooling. Parents are expected to log their kids’ daily attendance and monitor their progress using the state of the art K12 online portal.
-ATC doesn’t provide daily instructions for enrolled students since students receiving their daily instructions from their K12 dedicated teachers.